Quantifying the expected extra profit creates trust and transparency - choose the consultancy that provides this, as this is where you will truly feel the value of consultancy.

The Problem

How much does a consultation cost for your dairy farm? Surely it is a well-defined amount that affects your account. What is your extra income from consulting, or is it also a well-defined amount? Is it traceable on your account? If the answer is 'no,' then it's time to speak the language of numbers starting from 2023. Since 2014, we have been operating the feeding process in Israel based on the language of numbers, and instead of empty, grandiose words, we can say that we achieved a 13.4% lower feeding cost per liter of milk compared to the average of 32 other large dairy farms in the region. We have consistently been leading in this indicator for years. If you also want to be a leader, feel free to contact us. With such efficiency improvement, considering a 40-liter yield for 300 cows, it results in over 175,000 euros of extra profit annually.

Have you also experienced a decrease in yield (milk or milk fat or milk protein) in your dairy farm while it was not the case in surrounding dairy farms? The analysis of Dutch CRV data year after year shows a high level of randomness, and our Israeli method eliminates this.

Name: Benjamin Csaba Domjan

T: +36/20/360-6442