Since "profit = revenue - cost," cost minimization alone does not result in maximum profit unless we can also maximize revenue.

Maximization of Profit

Can your current feeding system tell you (1) what needs to be changed, (2) in which direction, (3) to what extent, and (4) how much extra profit per cow will result from these changes? If you don't receive all four answers for each feed and nutrient, you can now use such a solution by contacting us. Israeli scientific experiments have proven that we achieved an extra profit of €1.41 per cow per day compared to the conventional method. In a 300-cow dairy farm, this translates to an additional profit of €155,000 per year. Would you like to know how much more revenue you could generate? Please contact us to download the application.

Name: Benjamin Csaba Domjan

T: +36/20/360-6442