During ration formulation, among the countless trillion combinations, only one is the best, and optimization is the only way to find it reliably.


What lies behind failures? The problem is not with the expertise; it is simply the human mind's inability to solve the problem. Illustration: when making adjustments to a user limit during ration formulation (e.g., increasing corn by 1 kg), upon re-optimization, we obtain a new ration with indeed more corn, but the quantities of other feed ingredients and nutrient values can also change. With 10 feeds and 20 nutrient contents, there can be 205,891,132,094,649 different modifications just considering the direction (increase, remain the same, decrease). Since each feed and nutrient content contributes to the yields in varying degrees, it is evident that mentally calculating the products of different contributions and modifications is not feasible. However, our enhanced optimization provides an immediate optimal solution that truly maximizes profit while ensuring the animals' utmost well-being

Name: Benjamin Csaba Domjan

T: +36/20/360-6442